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Who Will America Vote For?

Whether you are an American citizen or not, who America votes to put into power of the highest offices of our land affects the whole world. American politics reach far and wide and world governments of the entire earth watch our elections very carefully. And elections affect our country in a very substantial way as well.

As I did four years ago, I’d like to share with you why I and my family are voting for Trump/Pence in just a few days:

  • #BlackLivesMatter – This is one of the most frustrating misconceptions to me out there. The Democrat party is the party of Racial Segregation, Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and Division. The idea that the Democrat party suddenly became the party of inclusion sometime in the 1960’s is ridiculous. Trump/Pence have done more for African Americans in four years than the the Democrat party has done in its entire history. Trump/Pence is the ticket for African Americans in 2020.
  • #UnbornLivesMatter – The Democrat party relishes in the taking of innocent lives. They champion abortion on demand to include the very controversial 3rd trimester abortions. They even champion the taking of a life after the child has been born if the abortion procedure resulted in an actual birth. Trump/Pence have championed the lives of the unborn and cherish all life here in America and on earth.
  • #PoliceLivesMatter – The attack on Police forces across America has been unprecedented in American history. Police forces keep our neighborhoods safe and maintain the rule of law. Without them we are faced with anarchy and chaos. The Democrat party wants to destroy Police forces across America for one reason: eliminating them opens the door for a National Police force whereby they can take away freedoms and advance their socialist agenda.
  • #FemaleLivesMatter – Trump/Pence have done more for the women of this country than any of the previous Democrat administrations. More women employed. Higher wage growth for women. And greater protections for women dignity and rights. While the Democrat party talks of equality, their policies lead to loss of freedoms and misery for all.
  • #IsraeliLivesMatter – The Trump/Pence administration honored Israel by moving the American embassy to Jerusalem where it rightfully belongs. This one act has created a peace accord in the middle east for the first time in decades. It strengthens our alliance with Israel, our most important ally in the middle east, and makes the world a safer place. The Democrat party despises Israel because out of it Christianity was born and swept the world.
  • #AllLivesMatter – The Trump/Pence administration has expanded freedoms for all. Created the lowest unemployment in decades. Generated true wealth in America. Championed the freedom of all peoples around the word. With the Democrat party all lives do not matter. Socialism creates caste systems that trap entire generations in poverty and despair.
  • #PromisesKept – The Trump/Pence administration has kept more promises than the Democrat party has kept in all of fifty years. The Trump/Pence administration has a proven track record. Unlike the Democrat party that is full of empty promises and unfulfilled hopes. The Trump/Pence administration earned the American peoples trust and respect by being honest and true to their word.
  • #JudicialSecurity – The Trump/Pence administration has been open and honest with their Judicial appointments maintaining the balance of power in the country and refusing to legislate from the bench. They have not attempted to stack the courts or move forth their agenda through legislative actions when blocked through other means. The Democrat party on the other hand has done exactly the opposite. Creating new laws of the land through judicial action and limiting freedoms for all.
  • #SocialismIsBad -The Democrat party wants to practice socialism in America. Limiting religious freedoms. Devaluing human life. Destroying America as we know it by opening our borders and suppressing our freedoms. The Democrat party does not want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights to keep us safe. They want to take it away because it stands in the way of their socialistic agenda. The want to limit free speech. They want to take away life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Trump/Pence administration has fought to keep the American dream alive for all Americans and to spread it to the rest of the world.
  • #MilitaryLivesMatter – The Trump/Pence administration is for a strong America. They have have returned fighting forces home from foreign lands where appropriate. They have supported and used the US Military wisely and with a steady hand. The Democrat party is not for a safe America and have cut military budgets recklessly and without regard for the upheaval it has caused in the world. A strong American military means a safer world and greater peace. The Democrat party cannot have peace because it disrupts their socialist agenda.
  • #ReligiousFreedomMatters – The Democrat party wants to advance their socialistic agenda because our religious freedoms threaten them. They are not about our freedoms. They are about dictatorships and control. They crave power and oppressing others. The Trump/Pence administration has fought for Americans to worship in peace as they see fit and have championed religious freedom for all.
  • #TaxBurdensMatter – A lot of our freedoms are tied to what we can or cannot do with our wealth. The Trump/Pence administration has returned more money through tax cuts in the last four years than ever before. The Democrat party has promised to take that money away the moment they are in office. They promise to limit our freedoms with every stroke of the pen and at every turn. A vote for Trump/Pence means more money in the pockets of Americans everywhere.

I don’t know who America will vote for in about 24 days but I pray that God will provide us the leaders that will keep us safe and secure and will protect our freedoms. For me that equates to four more years of a Trump/Pence administration. Freedom is fleeting. It can be taken away in a heartbeat. It must be cherished and guarded very carefully. And one party has shown the strength to guard that freedom while the other party promises to take it away. May God see fit to sit Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence in office again for another four years for all our freedoms and for the peace of the world.

A Tale Of Two Cultures

In 1859 Charles Dickens wrote the historical novel A Tale of Two Cities. A story centered around London England and Paris France before/during the French Revolution. It has been referred to as the best selling novel of all time (and certainly must be in the top 10, assuming it is even taught in schools these days) and it opens with the iconic line:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way—in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

You can find an online copy of the work here (at Project Gutenberg).

Today I do not have a question, but rather an observation of how little things change and what great opportunities we (as a society, as a Nation, and even as a World) have before us to learn Truth and to apply lessons from history in order to help make all of our lives better.

One might consider the similarities between the events of 1789 in France and what is occurring in the USA today in 2020 (231 years apart) in that both are predicated by social and political unrest that affected (and affects) everyone in the land. In other words, it was a National, social and political upheaval. Oh sure, there were pockets of events, within cities, small towns, and even neighborhoods, but the prevailing mood was not just contained in small areas. It was felt Nationally and was seen around the world.

And before you get too far down the path trying to pick the analogy apart, let me just point out that it is not all that original of an idea. This story from the Daily Signal references a tweet from Senator Lindsey Graham with the same observation.

And No, I did not know of Senator Graham’s tweet when I started authoring this post, but I generally like to do a little due diligence before I post something. And even with Senator Graham’s tweet, I decided to go ahead with the conversation because I believe it is relevant.

And yes, I also realize there are those that are simply going to dismiss the analogy because it is Senator Graham‘s tweet. Because those of you who hold such wisdom have been elected to (what is arguably) the most significant legislative body in the world today. Right? Perhaps you might want to rethink your ability to assimilate and interpret data.

And whether you agree with the analogy or not, there are a couple of very interesting comparisons. You might say that today is “The best of times”. In all of human history we, as a people, have more than has ever been had before. Which is pretty funny when you consider that the #BlackLivesMatter revolution is being fought out of air conditioned homes, run off an abundance of fine food (and I don’t care if we’re talking McDonalds hamburgers here, compared to what the French were eating during their revolution, that is pretty fine dining), enjoying the benefits of social media, and traveling around in air conditioned autos with Dolby stereo systems in them. The French revolutionaries had it much harder I assure you. You might also say that today is “The worst of times” in that there is more political and social upheaval in the country than any of us has known within our lifetimes. Another interesting comparison is that both periods tried (and are trying) to remove perceived ills from the world. When the French tore down the Monarchy, they ended up with a Dictator (in Napoleon) before they got to the desired democracy. Let’s certainly hope that history doesn’t repeat itself there.

But the comparisons of the French Revolution and the state of social and political upheaval in the USA today are not what I want draw your attention to. They are merely illustrative of how history repeats itself and how we can learn valuable lessons if we only open our eyes and our minds and seek wisdom.

What is a little closer to home is the sheer lunacy that is occurring with the #BlackLivesMatter movement ripping down statues of Christopher Columbus, Frederick Douglas, and our founding fathers (stories here, here, here, and here – search for ‘statues torn down’ if you want to read more). The argument for all of this wanton destruction and terror is that they depict ‘white supremacy’. We cannot know the pain that a black person feels when they walk past one of these statues or memorials.

Well guess what? You cannot possibly know the pain that I feel when I visit a WW-II memorial, or an American Civil War battlefield where #WhiteLIvesMatter fought and died just so #BlackLivesMatter could have the privilege today to tear down all the memorials because they are too painful to walk by. But I don’t want to tear any of them down. Rather the contrary. I want my children’s, children’s, children to see them and to understand that freedom isn’t free. It is bought and paid for with a price.

What my friends over at #BlackLivesMatter might want to consider is the consequences of their actions (and I mean for their children’s children). Take another group, #JewishLivesMatter. Do you think the Jewish people want to erase all remnants of WW-II and the holocaust? Quite the opposite. They build memorials and museums all over the world to remind people of what they went through. Why? Because they don’t want people to deny that it ever happened. They don’t want history swept under the rug. And if you think that #JewishLivesMatter are being a little too paranoid, consider these kooks here, and here, and the fact that it is a prevalent enough theory to warrant a Wikipedia article (here).

And the sheer irony of the matter will be, that one day, when slavery has been erroneously erased from American History, it will be #BlackLivesMatter that will have been the cause and will have brought down the consequences upon themselves.

So before the protesting continues, before more statues and memorials are torn down, before we rewrite any more of history than has already been rewritten, perhaps #BlackLivesMatter might want to take a page out of #JewishLivesMatter playbook and consider:

Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons’ sons;

Deuteronomy 4:9