Author: Paul Orman

  • Did You See The Way He Treated His Wife?

    I AM CHIEF AMONGST SINNERS. Those of you that have read any significant portion of my BLOG are probably thinking to yourself “You have told us that before.” I know, but it is an important fact, and it can neither be stressed enough nor repeated enough. The other day we went and saw the movie […]

  • Has The USA Become a Banana Republic?

    Yesterdays unprecedented actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to raid and search the Palm Beach MAR-A-LAGO home of former President Donald J Trump is alarming, disturbing, frightening, and enraging at the highest levels. This single act demonstrates an emboldened effort by Government Officials (those in power) to wield a heavy hand of enforcement […]

  • Do I Drive a Ford Mustang?

    In 1987 I was 26 years old and I drove a 1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertible: I cannot even hazard a guess today as to the number of speeding tickets I received in that car. Let’s just say there were jokes amongst family members and friends about wall-papering my room with them. At one point […]

  • Are You “Woke”?

    There is a prevailing movement alive today, that (supposedly) started a few short years ago, and purports to be ‘alert to racial prejudice and discrimination’ (see this Wikipedia article). This movement is the WOKE movement and in reality, it is just another “ME” movement. A “ME” movement is how I like to refer to movements […]

  • Is Jesus Christ God?

    The other day I was watching this video on YouTube: It is an hour and forty-one minutes long, however there are some very interesting questions asked with some perspectives given from both a Jewish point of view, and from the point of view of a Gentile. A gentile is easy to define as they are […]

  • Have You Heard The Voice?

    Have you seen the NBC show The Voice? If you have, you are (kind of) one up on me because I have not watched even one episode (at least not a complete episode). What I have watched however are quite a few YouTube compilations of the “best” auditions (at least in the opinion of those […]

  • So, You Want to Be Free?

    Remember when Queen told us this (and yes, this is the official music video – just so you know what they wanted to break free from): The song, released on April 2nd, 1984 (missing April Fool’s Day by one day, in a rather ironic twist) tells us they want to break free as if they […]

  • Who Do You Respect?

    There is a common adage that is found throughout a number of cultures that I am sure most people are at least aware of, even if they have not encountered it in quite the same way I am about to pass it along here. The adage is usually phrased: “Respect is Earned Not Given.” One […]

  • Are You Enslaved By The Democrat Party (III)?

    Joe Biden. Racist. Telling African Americans that if they can’t figure out who they are for between himself and Trump then they are not black. And if you don’t believe that is a racist comment then just try imagining President Donald Trump saying “If you can’t figure out if you are for me or Biden […]

  • Are You Enslaved By THe Democrat Party? (II)

    Remember when Joe Biden warned a group of supporters that ‘they‘ (Republicans/Conservatives) were going to “put y’all back in chains“? All the while planning on tightening the chains around all of America (Black, White, Hispanic, Latino, Asian …). Well today I’d like to continue my thoughts on how the Democrat Party enslaves people and keeps […]