Herein is contained my thoughts, musings, poetic prose, and sometimes just plain aimless ramblings about the things that interest me in Life, Religion, Politics, Science, and Philosophy.

Why?  Because the things that excite people, the things that people get passionate about, the things that people get energized about, the things that people want to talk about and know about and understand more than anything is Life, Religion, Politics, Science, and Philosophy.

Oh, you may try and convince me that Auntie May is not interested in these things, but just ask her about her favorite pie recipe or what happened down at the General Store this morning.  Who doesn’t love a good story or their own personal musings?  That is LIFE!  Life as YOU experience it.  And there are things in LIFE that are important to you that cover Life / Religion  / Politics / Science / and Philosophy.

So that is what I discuss here.  Because those are the discussion that matter the most.

These discussions are meant to be controversial, intimidating, thought provoking, introspective, reflective, encouraging, depressing, incisive, funny, sad, uplifting, and life changing.  Because that is who and what we are.  We are creatures of learning, experience and discovery.  And these are the encompassing disciplines of that learning, experience, and discovery.

So perhaps you will join me, add your own comments in, or just reflect on those of others, as we all journey together to experience, understand, learn, and practice LIFE / RELIGION / POLITICS / SCIENCE / and PHILOSOPHY!


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