An Introduction

Paul E Orman

Hi!  I am Pastor Paul Orman, the Administrator of : Life/Religion/Politics/Science/Philosophy (  My wife and I are residents of the Waianae, HI area where we retired to at the end of 2021 and where we enjoy the surf, raising orchids, and photography around the island.

However, foremost we seek to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in everything we do including in ministry wherever God opens a door and I am called.  Like the Prophet Isaiah, I stand ready, crying out, Here am I; send me (Isaiah 6:8).

While I enjoy pontificating on this site during my leisure, I know that God has called me to teach and to preach his word to all those that would receive.

I am a Southern Baptist Ordained Minister and affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message adopted on June 14th, 2000.  I have had the distinct privilege of Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Churches around the globe since 1991 as well as serving as Pastor of First Baptist Church, Nanakuli, Hawaii where I shepherded the Church after my fellow laborer in Christ, Pastor Kim Noble, while he and his wife attended to family needs, and then returned as Pastor of that body when my wife and I relocated from Hawaii to Maryland.

Today I am currently available for Pulpit Supply to Bible believing churches in the State of Hawaii/Island of Oahu.  If you are the duly appointed Pastor, or are a duly appointed member of a Pulpit Committee of a Bible believing Church in this area and are interested in having me fill the pulpit, you may contact the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Baptist Convention where I am listed for Pulpit Supply.

If you would like to engage me directly, avoiding the public nature of this site, please feel free to Email me at:

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading and I invite you to join in on the discussion.  I truly believe in the wonder of everything that is the Universe we live in, and well as that which cannot be seen.  The amazement of discovery is available for us within the disciplines of Life, Religion, Politics, Science, and Philosophy as long as we are willing to go exploring constantly push the boundaries we currently find ourselves in.

Thank you for reading, and may God Bless You in your life.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Paul E. Orman


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