Are We In Danger?

One of the earliest TV Shows I can remember watching as a child was Lost in Space, which ran for 3 seasons from September 15, 1965 to March 6, 1968. The show was iconic for its time airing a full year before the premiere of another iconic science fiction show, Star Trek. An interesting piece of trivia is that in season 1 episode 5, titled The Hungry Sea, the Robinson family stopped to give thanks (with a prayer and apparent Bible reading) after having survived a rather perilous ocean crossing.

And while the cast and guest appearances of Lost in Space were interesting, varied, and talented, there was one cast member who was not of flesh and blood (at least not depicted as such) that completely captured one’s attention. The B-9 Robot, seen here with Penny Robinson (played by Lacey Chabert), Will Robinson (played by Jack Johnson), and Dr. Judy Robinson (played by Heather Graham), was an engineering science fiction marvel depicting human-like capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science engineering, that were years beyond its time:

The state-of-the-art computer systems in 1965 (Computer Systems timeline) would not have been able to fit into such a body design, been capable of the computational abilities demonstrated (artificial intelligence, artificial speech, speech recognition, advanced sensors, etc.), and would have required a fairly hefty power cord stretching from the robot to the nearest power plant. Most of these problems would be solved in the decades to come, but some are still eluding us today.

One of these elusive science fiction fantasies (existing within the Artificial Intelligence realm) is the ability to warn us when we are in danger. This is something the B-9 Robot from Lost in Space did time and time again with Will Robinson, resulting in one of the more memorable TV series lines “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!“:

And while our technology and modern engineering is becoming safer and safer all the time, we are a still a long way away from having machines be able to warn us when we are about to embark upon a very dangerous path. At least not in the same capacity as another human being would be able to advise us based upon their own intellect, intuition, and experience. But wouldn’t it be great if we did have a robot that could?

What if America had a B-9 Robot to tell us when we were in danger? What would it tell us and what would it warn us of? I think it might go something like this:

VPOTUS Kamala Harris says the US Southern Border is secure: NY Post Story. B-9 Robot: Danger America! Danger! Because B-9 is advanced in AI and impartial in judgement, B-9 would know that 2 million illegal aliens streaming into our country unchecked, without visas, without jobs, without homes, and with no support network of their own, are likely to impose an enormous burden on our communities, bring with them a lack of respect for our laws and customs (they are already disrespecting our laws entering into our country illegally, and in many cases acting against our better interests in carrying drugs across our borders on behalf of the Mexican Cartels). B-9 would know that 2 million illegal aliens streaming across our Southern Border places our freedoms at risk, strains our already overburdened law enforcement, medical and health facilities, and probably our welfare system. B-9 would warn us we are in grave danger if we do not rise to meet this threat to our Nation.

POTUS Joe Biden says the US has no inflation: 60 Minutes Interview. B-9 Robot: Danger America! Danger! Because B-9 has advanced neural-networks with limitless access to world history and current data, B-9 would know that the rise in food, gas, energy, and durable goods prices is indeed an indicator that the country is in or near a recession. B-9 would know that the actions of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in order to curb out of control price increases is not a good thing, rather it is a reactionary tactic trying to stop harmful things, that usually takes years to recover from, and in some cases decades.

POTUS Joe Biden “unifies” America by demonizing about half the country: Washington Times Story, FOX News Story. B-9 Robot: Danger America! Danger! B-9 would know that rather than unify, this type of speech divides people and that the President should be leading the country to reconciliation by listening to all points of views and arguing the points on merit. Not shouting them down as a thug or dictator would. B-9 would take great care to warn us about the danger of irresponsible rhetoric and reckless speech in our conversations.

POTUS Joe Biden celebrates the Reduction In Inflation Act: FOX News Story. B-9 Robot: Danger America! Danger! B-9 would know that no massive Government spending program has ever brought down inflation. B-9 would also be able to calculate that if the top 1% of Americans pay 39% of all Federal Income Taxes, and the top 10% pay 70.6%, IRS data cited here, then 87,000 new IRS Agents is really excessive. B-9 would probably wonder how long it would take those new Agents to become bored and start coming after the other 90% of us.

The US Supreme Court ended Constitutional Abortion Rights in America: VOA News Story. B-9 Robot: Danger America! Danger! B-9 would know that the US Constitution does not guarantee the right to an abortion. B-9 would know that US Supreme Court Associate Justice Harry Blackmum, author of the Roe vs. Wade majority opinion, could not draw upon any case law for the opinion and indeed claimed to find the resulting “right” in the penumbra(s) (imperfect shadows) of the Bill of Rights (penumbra law). B-9 would also know that abortion did not end in America, however they were reduced in number as 13 States enacted abortion bans. B-9 would warn us of the other “rights” that may be found in the imperfect shadows of our legal documents. B-9 would also know that State freedoms are a way of putting people in control of their own destiny, and that States can decide for themselves how they want to treat an issue not enumerated upon in the US Constitution, and then be held accountable to a local electorate.

Christianity is alive and well in America: The Patriot Post (2018). B-9 Robot: Danger America! Danger! B-9 would not want to be an alarmist here, however, B-9 would know that with all of the other dangers facing America today, that religious freedoms are only a fleeting moment away from disappearing to an unsuspecting people. And B-9 would know that unless Christians actually practice Christianity, that it will soon be absent from the American landscape.

We don’t have a B-9 Robot to tell us of the dangers surrounding us, but the signs are there and anyone who looks for them can see them. The question is, are we going to ignore the danger signs, or are we going to do something about them?

I saw a movie this week that I’d recommend everyone see – Running the Bases. There is a line at the end of the movie that I will not quote, but I will paraphrase it closely with my own twist: ‘The problem with America today is not all of the evil Satan is perpetuating before our very eyes. The problem with America today is the silence of Christians who will not stand for their Faith‘.

Stand for your Faith this November. Vote.



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