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  • Are We In Danger?

    One of the earliest TV Shows I can remember watching as a child was Lost in Space, which ran for 3 seasons from September 15, 1965 to March 6, 1968. The show was iconic for its time airing a full year before the premiere of another iconic science fiction show, Star Trek. An interesting piece […]

  • Can Christians Be Political?

    Today the President of the United States, Joe Biden, addressed the Nation in a seemingly very un-presidential manner. It was divisive in calling out a rather sizable portion of the country’s citizens (FOX News Story) as semi-fascists (I’m not sure how you can be a semi (meaning half, partial, incomplete, or somewhat) fascist (a better […]

  • Is America At War?

    Why was Jesus Christ crucified on the cross? And yes, I know, because He is the Son of God and He gave up His life at the will of the Father in order to pay for the sins of the world that you and I might be saved. But what reason was put forth at […]

  • Which Side Are You On?

    Yesterday I passed along my thoughts on the two different cultures manifesting themselves in America today. I said that I didn’t have a question, only an observation, but that was not entirely accurate. I do have a question. The point of the observations, naturally, was to cause you to consider which culture you fit into […]