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  • Can You Be A Christian And … ?

    My last post, unsurprisingly, generated some questions. Which is great because it exposes me to different world views. But they also alerted me to the fact that perhaps my real point was misinterpreted, particularly by the younger generations. So I’d like to address a couple of questions here that were thrown my way in the […]

  • Are You The Redeemed of the Lord?

    One of the more interesting dynamics of the Christian Faith to me is the argument that as the Elect of God, we are perfectly in his hands.  Never to have calamity or evil ever cross our paths again.  These are the “feel good” Christians.  The idea that “if God be for me, who can be […]

  • I Am No Saint

    I have a sermon entitled My 10 Greatest Sins.  It is actually a discourse on The Ten Commandments, however I talk about them personally and how they apply directly to my life.  I explore them from the standpoint of how I am guilty of each. I’ve only preached this particular sermon a couple of times […]

  • Are You Good Enough To Get Into Heaven?

    A question that I have asked a few times in the past on this blog deals with exploring why there is evil in the world.  I’ve asked this question both from the standpoint of why God allows bad things to happen to good people and why God allows evil in the world if he is […]

  • Further Considerations of Hell

    Yesterday I left you with my belief that God, The God, The One True God, Jehovah God, created Sin. and that he actually allowed evil to come into existence by design.  I also stated that I believe he did this by creating Satan (the Angel Lucifer) as a vessel of dishonor for the purpose of […]

  • What Are You Going To Hell For?

    Normally a good apologetics case for the truth of the Bible would be built upon a logical foundation.  One might start with the question “Is there a God?” and build from there.  Given the premise that there is a God, one might ask the question “Which god is the God?” or they might ask “Who […]

  • I Am Chief Amongst Sinners

    Let me just be brutally honest with the rest of the world here for a brief moment in time.  I am the worst person I know.  By this I mean that I AM THE FOREMOST SINNER IN THE WORLD. And let me be clear as to exactly what I am saying here.  Dictionary.com defines sin […]