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Are You Enslaved By The Democrat Party (III)?

Joe Biden. Racist. Telling African Americans that if they can’t figure out who they are for between himself and Trump then they are not black. And if you don’t believe that is a racist comment then just try imagining President Donald Trump saying “If you can’t figure out if you are for me or Biden then you ain’t white”. Or what if President Trump had said “If you can’t figure out if you are for me or Biden then you ain’t Asian”? What if he had said just what Joe Biden said? What if President Trump had said “If you can’t figure out if you are for me or Biden you ain’t black”?

Would any of those, if spoken by President Trump have been racist? The liberal Democrats are going to tell me that it is different. It is more pure when Joe Biden says it. A good friend once told me “If it were not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.” You want to know who was offended by Joe Biden’s comment here? African Americans who voted for Donald Trump. And I know quite a few of them. And if you hold to your defense that the comment is not racist, then my African American friends would like you to explain to them how they lost their blackness because they voted for Trump (and no I didn’t ask them – but I’m pretty sure they’d want to know).

The truth is Donald Trump did not say any of those things and yet Joe Biden did. Why? Clearly because Donald Trump is not a racist and can control his speech (as much as any of us can) and Joe Biden is a racist and cannot control his speech. The truth also is Democrats have to be in control. The Democrat Party will tell you what is OK to say and what is not OK to say. The Democrat Party will tell you when you’ve been offensive even if you mirror their words. And that brings me to a final reason of how the Democrat Party enslaves America:

CONTROL – If you belong to the Democrat Party you belong to the Party of diminishing freedoms. The Party of control. Lets take a look at the Democrat Party Platform (you can find it online here). I’d like to refer to the section “Protecting Americans’ Civil Rights“:

Democrats are committed to ending discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, language, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability status. We will appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices and federal judges who look like America, are committed to the rule of law, will uphold individual civil rights and civil liberties as essential components of a free and democratic society, and will respect and enforce foundational precedents, including Brown v. Board of Education and Roe v. Wade. Democrats are committed to restoring the full power of the Voting Rights Act and ensuring every citizen can access the ballot box. We will enforce and strengthen the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and will end racial and religious profiling in law enforcement.

President Trump’s words and actions have given safe harbor and encouragement to racists, anti-Semites, anti-Muslim bigots, and white supremacists. It’s time to root out domestic terrorism in all its forms. We will use federal law enforcement tools and resources to address domestic terrorism, and if necessary work with Congress to pass a domestic terrorism law that is consistent with the Constitutional right to free speech and civil liberties.

Yes, those words are from the Democrat Party platform. Look at them. They make the utterly ridiculous statement that Trump’s words and actions give safe harbor and encouragement to racists. And yet we clearly see Joe Biden making the racist comments time and time and time again. It is beyond doubt that Joe Biden is the racist here, and yet the Democrat Party is fine with that. And why is that? Obviously CONTROL.

For the Democrat Party free speech goes only as far as what THEY define free speech to be. So if Joe Biden says ‘you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me’ its perfectly OK. Because Joe Biden is on their side and thus they can turn a blind eye. But President Donald Trump, who did not say anything close to that, (nor anything racist during his time as President that I am aware of) is accused of encouraging racists. So Donald Trump, who is not a racist is bad, but Joe Biden who is a racist is good.

And not that I care that Joe Biden is a racist either. I just note that his actions and his words prove that he is. He is free to be whoever he wants to be. In reality, the person he is hurting the most is himself. What I care about is the Democrat Party wants to CONTROL you and me and everyone else in this country. They are the antheses of freedom. And the reason we are the greatest country on this Earth is because we are FREE. And to see a political party come along and tear that down is heartbreaking.

Look at the words from their platform again. They want to end discrimination against religion. As long as a bake shop owner in Colorado makes a cake for a gay (same sex) weddings. Even though he expresses that it is contrary to his religion. I wonder what would happen if a Christian were to walk into a bake shop owned and run by a Satan worshiper or a witch and ask for a resurrection day cake with an empty tomb and a cross in the background? Would that shop owner be obligated to make the cake? More than likely the Christian would be ridiculed by the shop owner. Would that be OK?

And the Democrat Party platform says they are all about free speech and civil liberties. And yet condemn President Donald Trump in the exact same paragraph. How can they do this? Because in the Democrat Party vernacular, free speech is what they define it to be.

The problem is, when the Democrat Party begins to define what is free speech and what is not, what are civil liberties and what are not, and what is religious freedom and what is not, they automatically discriminate against someone. It is a given. Their unfounded discrimination against Donald Trump is more than evident.

So if you belong to the Democrat Party today, just give some thought to the fact that if in numbers only, you support the political party of SALVERY, MURDER, and CONTROL. Its in their platform. And is that really OK?

Are You Enslaved By THe Democrat Party? (I)

Remember when Joe Biden made this offensively racist comment?

And had the audacity to tell people to look at “their” values while doing it? Well have you ever considered how the Democrat Party really does have you in chains? Because I believe it is important that we do, And if you are an American citizen who is registered with the Democrat Party, I believe it very important that you carefully consider what it is that you actually support.

SLAVERY – If you are a member of the Democrat Party, you belong to the party of slavery. Which is why it is so ironic that Joe Biden would even make such a stupid comment as the one referenced above. Hey Joe! LEARN YOUR HISTORY (if your mind isn’t overcome with dementia that is). It was the Democrat Party that kept slaves in the South, and were willing to go to war in order to keep them. It was the Republican Party in the North, led by President Abraham Lincoln, that issued the Emancipation Proclamation. LEARN YOUR HISTORY. President Abraham Lincoln is not the hero of the Democrat Party, he is the hero of the Republican Party. And now, the modern day Democrat Party is so incensed by that, they are going to great lengths to remove President Abraham Lincoln from history. They are tearing down statues raised in his honor, they are removing his name from schools, one wonders how much time we have before the Lincoln Memorial is torn down or Mount Rushmore defaced.

But … but … but … that was a long time ago. That is not how things are today. TODAY’S Democrat Party is the champion of the downtrodden and enslaved. It is the Republican Party that is evil and wants to “put y’all back in chains” (according to Joe Biden).

It astounds me that people believe that lie. In order for you to believe that myth you would have to consider that sometime after the end of the American Civil War, perhaps after WW-II but prior to the 1960’s, everyone that was a proponent of the Republican Party Platform (that ALL people are created EQUAL) thought to themselves, “Hey, we should switch parties and go join the Democrat Party”. And pretty much about the same time, everyone that supported the Democrat Party Platform (“put y’all back in chains” – I’ll explain in a minute) thought to themselves, “Hey, we’ve seen the error of our ways, lets go join the Republican Party!”. And then, miraculously, they left their values behind with the other party. And POOF!!!! The Democrat Party suddenly became the Party of freeing slaves, and SHAZAM!!!! The Republican Party became the Party of ensuring people were slaves.

The truth is, the Democrat Party is still pretty much the same as it was during the American Civil War, and the Republican Party is still pretty much the same as it was during the same period of time. And I can just hear the outcries now, “Why you can’t know that! That is a gross generalization! That is NOT TRUE! How dare you?” Well I am so glad you asked (finally). Here is how I know that to be true (beyond the fact that it is readily apparent if you look at history). Championing people’s freedoms or enslavement is a WORLD VIEW. It is influenced by values. And values are taught. Most people become part of a Political Party simply because it was the Party of their parents. They blindly and naively follow in footsteps before they have even thought about it or considered the best choice for themselves.

And I know, most members of the Democrat Party are going to scream that they are against slavery. But here’s the problem, none of you ever changed the values of the Party. It is still the Party of slavery. The values and practices of the Democrat Party are keeping people in chains still today.

Just look at our inner city welfare housing. Generation after generation trapped in sub-standard living, barely existing above the poverty line, in high crime areas, that are poorly maintained and subject to vandalism and defacement. That was invented by the Democrat Party, and is perpetuated still today. Welcome to the chain gang. Because that is what the Democrat Party delivers. People trapped in chains that they can never quite break free of. And when they do, they are held up as shining examples of success and examples of how the Democrat Party is moving people ahead. But I’d challenge you to look at the ratio of those who have broken free of our inner city welfare projects compared to those that are left behind. It would seem to me that the inequity is just a little too large to justify continuing that failed experiment.

And people will then ask what the Republican Party solution is? After all, we know that if you give a person a fish they’ll eat for a day, but if you teach a person to fish they’ll eat for a lifetime. The Republican/Conservative solution will tell you to give the person the opportunity to fish. Give them the same access to the fishing tackle, the boats, the oceans and rivers and lakes, and let them fish. And if they want fishing lessons, well ensure they have access to that as well (although the Conservative point of view would hold that the free market would avail itself to all opportunities are fill the gaps). But the Democrat Party is the Party of fear and will tell you that you have to give a person the fish in the first place so that they don’t starve while they are learning to fish. I have a question … “How is that working out for you?” Republicans/Conservatives believe that people can be motivated. And hunger is a pretty strong motivation. A person becomes hungry enough, and they’ll learn to fish very, very quickly.

Are you a member of the American Democrat Party? Look at your Party’s Platform. You belong to, and support with your numbers, the Party of slavery. Is that what you really want to support?

Which Side Are You On?

Yesterday I passed along my thoughts on the two different cultures manifesting themselves in America today. I said that I didn’t have a question, only an observation, but that was not entirely accurate.

I do have a question. The point of the observations, naturally, was to cause you to consider which culture you fit into and whether it is the right choice or not. In other words Which Side Are You On?

The second phrase of the opening sentence of Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities (see yesterday’s post) reads:

it was the age of wisdom,
it was the age of foolishness,

A Tale of Two Cities, Chapter I. The Period

And if that doesn’t describe today’s America, I don’t know what does. One side of the culture screams about the foolish tweets from President Donald Trump and then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi makes the totally nonsensical statement:

“a wall, in my view, is an immorality” and “the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly.”

Fox News Story

A view not exactly shared by the rest of her party.

But it is crazy, right? One view is shared and the opposing culture hears it as total foolishness but yet the agreeing culture hears it as great wisdom.

One can certainly understand the pain, anguish, and shear lunacy Charles Dickens was attempting to describe in his book A Tale of Two Cities.

But what if I were to tell you I believe this division has happened much earlier in history? Consider the words of John:

37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice. 38 Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all. 39 But ye have a custom, that I should release unto you one at the passover: will ye therefore that I release unto you the King of the Jews?

John 18:37-39

Pilate was completely frustrated with the foolishness of the day. On the one hand he could find no fault with Jesus but on the other there were cries from the people for his crucifixion. In his frustration he asks “What is truth?

It is this very same struggle for truth that is plaguing all of us today. It is the confusion on one side of the culture when #BlackLivesMatter calls out for the destruction of (so called) racially offensive language, monuments, and the erasure of American history itself. And the other side of the culture is confused because these exact same people align themselves with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the mayor of New York City Bill de Balsio. If these people were actually intellectually honest with themselves and us they would be calling for the abolishment of the Democrat party itself rather than aligning themselves with it.

It was the Democrat party that championed slavery and racism. It was the Republican party that freed them. It was the Democrat party that voted for Jim Crow laws and segregation. It was the Republican party that fought for inclusion and the idea that ALL people are created equal. It is Democrat party members that held positions within the KKK while the Republican party did not. It is the Democrat party that continues to this day to enact laws and policies that disadvantage more people of color while the Republican party has established a record of providing more jobs and opportunity to all of Americans. If #BlackLivesMatter is really so incensed with being reminded of the history of slavery in America, then they should be for the complete abolishment of the Democrat part as well.

There are so many that have fought to bring the light of truth to this history. Alfonzo Rachel for one. Dinesh D’souza for another. People of color who would certainly have no agenda for furthering “white supremacy“. And there are so many others that continue to educate, inform, and offer alternate points of view. But our culture is divided. And people ask what it is divided over. The answer is quite simple and is very plain. We are divided over the TRUTH.

This is why I am passionate about the state of our country today. Not only for the very survival of America, but for the souls of so many people who are lost without TRUTH.

For you see, there is another interesting phrase in Charles Dickens opening to a Tale of Two Cities. As he sums up his setting he notes:

“… we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way …”

A Tale of Two Cities – Chapter I. The Period

And as another champion of American History, Rush Limbaugh, would say – “for those of you in Rio LInda” Charles Dickens reference to those “going direct the other way” means Hell. And that is the real crux of the problem with Which Side Are You On? Because one side leads to Eternal Life and the other side leads to Eternal Damnation.

As for me, I chose the side of TRUTH. Because there is only one person in all of history that could (and can) credibly claim:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

John 14:6

And that is the person of Jesus Christ. And I believe the TRUTH because only He, the creator of all the universe, can establish TRUTH. The only thing that remains (for both the survival of American history and people’s souls) is to determine which truth you will believe. Which side are YOU on?

American Politics Are Maddening

As most of the world is probably aware, the United States of America is in the midst of an election year.  And the political stage is down right maddening.  There are two major parties (see definition 5) in the U.S. Electoral system and a number of smaller, organized parties.  There are also several smaller movements that aren’t really parties at all.

Of the two major parties within the U.S. political system, the Republicans are generally thought of as the Conservative Party and the Democrats are generally thought of as the Liberal Party.  Both parties are made up of members that may loosely be divided into camps of fiscally conservative or liberal, and socially conservative or liberal.  And both parties will have some level of mixed membership, meaning a member might be fiscally conservative yet socially liberal.

Within the U.S. political system, fiscally conservatives are generally for smaller government with less government spending.  They tend to concentrate government into holistically government only functions.  Things like defense of the Nation and international trade and commerce.  Whereas fiscal liberals are generally for bigger government with broader government programs.  Things like welfare (see definition 2) and socialized medical care.

Also within the U.S. political system social conservatives tend to want to either limit the government’s power, or at least delegate power to the States, over social issues.  Things like abortion and gun control.  Whereas socially liberals tend to want to have those things regulated at the Federal level.

All parties ostensibly have members from all different world views in them.  Each individual aligns with a party that most closely resembles their own world view for a variety of reasons.  But few (in my humble estimation, very few) actually have considered their own world view closely enough to be able to state why they make the choices that they do.  Everyone is out after their own best interests, but few can articulate what those best interests are or why they even want them.

If your world view is atheistic and you truly believe there is no God, then  you cannot possibly ascribe any meaning to life.  Your only interest in an electoral cycle is what fits your own best interests.  And I believe we are seeing that happen today.  If we are to believe the polls (most of which have been woefully inaccurate this election season), there are an unprecedented number of young people (we’re talking 18 to 30 years of age here.  What might be termed college and career age) that support Senator Bernie Sanders, a liberal democrat.  This is especially odd when you consider the generation gap between these young voters and Senator Sanders.  He is 74 years of age, old enough to be their grandfather or in a number of cases even their great-grandfather.  I’d love to construct my own poll and find out just how many of these young people would support their grandfather for President of the United States.  And yet they support Senator Sanders.  Why?  I believe it is because as a Socialist, Senator Sanders is promising them the world.  Everything is going to be free and fair.  It will be a utopian world.  And because the U.S. Has now raised a couple of generations of godless youth, they now buy into this fabricated utopia because they have no theological basis in their lives to discern the truth and they perceive the utopia promised to be good for themselves.

If your world view is agnostic, you are once again driven by only what is good for you.  Agnostics are slightly different in that they don’t expect (or necessarily want) the utopia, but they do expect to be left alone.

However, if your world view is theistic, then you should at the very least expect that a god somewhere is in control of it all and you should at least consider the part that he plays in it all.

It is specifically Christians within the theistic group that intrigue me the most this election cycle.  For some reason, Christians seem to believe that unless a Christian is elected to the highest offices of the land, they will lose everything they hold dear and consider of value.

Christians should consider history though.  President Jimmy Carter professes Jesus Christ.  So did President Ronald Regan.  And so does President George W. Bush.  All three were radically different U.S. Presidents, and all three presided over the country in events that have led us to today.

As a Christian, I personally believe that God Himself sat all three upon the throne (because His word tells me that he does so).  And yet we continue to lose the moral ground and the souls of millions of Americans (and as I just stated, I believe we have now raised a couple of generations that are both un-churched and that are godless).  This should speak volumes to us today.  If you are doing something because you believe you have to maintain some status quo, or because that status is not being maintained, you might suspect that something is wrong.

And indeed I do believe there is something wrong.  And that is us, Christians.  You see, God doesn’t want leaders.  He wants followers. He doesn’t want us to maintain the status quo, He wants us to follow Him and He will maintain the status quo for us.  It is His plan, not our plan that should be played out.  He doesn’t need our agenda, even if we believe we are doing it for Him.  He simply wants us to follow Him.  And given the split in the State elections and in the rhetoric that is going on, it is clear that we are not following Him or else more of us would be on the same page.

You see, I don’t need a Godly President, I desire to see a Godly people.  And a Godly President doesn’t provide for a Godly people.  A Godly people provides for a Godly people and a Godly Nation.  And that has to start with US, not the President of the United States of America.

If Christians were to render unto Caesar what is Caesars’, and unto God what is God’s, I believe we would see a change in our land.  We need revival in the land, and a man professing to be a Christian as President does not afford that.  Christians need to follow Jesus Christ, not some man they believe to be Godly whom they believe will revive their values or otherwise protect them from further erosion.