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  • United States Presidential Elections Continued (Part 3)

    This post is a continuation of my previous two posts.  If you want to read this post in context, go back to this post and read through sequentially. I left you in my last post with the thought that I find the current allegations by women against the Republican nominee for President of the United […]

  • United States Presidential Elections Continued (Part 2)

    So this morning I left you with some thoughts on the current Presidential Election here in the United States of America, in this post: I Attended The President Clinton Impeachment Trial.  I’ll continue that discussion here. The point I was trying to make when I left off this morning, was people are quick to impose […]

  • I Attended The President Clinton Impeachment Trial

    I opened this can of worms, and now I’m stuck with seeing it through to the end. When I started this blog site, I looked at areas of discussion that would interest people and keep them engaged.  These are generally the areas we are most passionate about.  Politics is one of those areas.  However, when […]

  • I Am No Saint

    I have a sermon entitled My 10 Greatest Sins.  It is actually a discourse on The Ten Commandments, however I talk about them personally and how they apply directly to my life.  I explore them from the standpoint of how I am guilty of each. I’ve only preached this particular sermon a couple of times […]