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  • United States Presidential Elections Continued (Part 2)

    So this morning I left you with some thoughts on the current Presidential Election here in the United States of America, in this post: I Attended The President Clinton Impeachment Trial.  I’ll continue that discussion here. The point I was trying to make when I left off this morning, was people are quick to impose […]

  • I Attended The President Clinton Impeachment Trial

    I opened this can of worms, and now I’m stuck with seeing it through to the end. When I started this blog site, I looked at areas of discussion that would interest people and keep them engaged.  These are generally the areas we are most passionate about.  Politics is one of those areas.  However, when […]

  • May We Have A Rational Discussion?

    Apparently not when it comes to atheists who are adamant about stamping out all religion in society and within the daily lives of ordinary citizens of the United States of America. I’ll explain in a minute.  First let me say this was not the topic on my mind this evening.  For the last day or […]