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  • Are You Enslaved By The Democrat Party (III)?

    Joe Biden. Racist. Telling African Americans that if they can’t figure out who they are for between himself and Trump then they are not black. And if you don’t believe that is a racist comment then just try imagining President Donald Trump saying “If you can’t figure out if you are for me or Biden […]

  • Are You Enslaved By THe Democrat Party? (I)

    Remember when Joe Biden made this offensively racist comment? And had the audacity to tell people to look at “their” values while doing it? Well have you ever considered how the Democrat Party really does have you in chains? Because I believe it is important that we do, And if you are an American citizen […]

  • Which Side Are You On?

    Yesterday I passed along my thoughts on the two different cultures manifesting themselves in America today. I said that I didn’t have a question, only an observation, but that was not entirely accurate. I do have a question. The point of the observations, naturally, was to cause you to consider which culture you fit into […]

  • American Politics Are Maddening

    As most of the world is probably aware, the United States of America is in the midst of an election year.  And the political stage is down right maddening.  There are two major parties (see definition 5) in the U.S. Electoral system and a number of smaller, organized parties.  There are also several smaller movements that […]