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  • Can Christians Have Humor?

    One of the older misgiven stereotypes of Christians is that they are old dried-up humorless sourpusses. This image of Christians is probably not as prevalent in the world today as it was during my youth, however, the idea is still somewhat alive even if not articulated in the same way it was a few decades […]

  • Can You Be A Christian And … ?

    My last post, unsurprisingly, generated some questions. Which is great because it exposes me to different world views. But they also alerted me to the fact that perhaps my real point was misinterpreted, particularly by the younger generations. So I’d like to address a couple of questions here that were thrown my way in the […]

  • Do You Want to Change the World?

    Currently, here in the United States of America, we are going through an election cycle for the President Of The United States. The candidates making their pitch to the citizens for the highest office in the country, each have a vision for how they would change things for the better. They all want to do […]