Has The USA Become a Banana Republic?

Yesterdays unprecedented actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to raid and search the Palm Beach MAR-A-LAGO home of former President Donald J Trump is alarming, disturbing, frightening, and enraging at the highest levels. This single act demonstrates an emboldened effort by Government Officials (those in power) to wield a heavy hand of enforcement to enact their own desires and biases. It also has clearly demonstrated the two and unequal justice systems that have come to exist in America today.

Alarming because the FBI raid is clear and concise evidence of a rather disturbing trend of some in Government to use the power of the sword in ways to intimidate those of us who align or agree with political leaders of opposing ideals or thoughts. It is distressing to see government power used in this way. This completely unnecessary and outrageous action served no other purposes than to distract public attention from other important matters of the day and to incite fear and send a message to those of us that disagree with their political or moral views.

Disturbing because the FBI raid clearly demonstrates that there are those within our government who are empowered and emboldened to take nearly whatever actions they desire in order to effect their own desires and agendas. They deem to operate without fear and to use their positions in unpalatable and inequitable ways.

Frightening because the FBI raid is a clear indicator of things that could come if not arrested and changed immediately. If a former President is treated in this manner for no other reason than the personal hatred, bias, and contempt of his political opponents, then those of lessor stature have no hope of escaping this type of abuse of power and position. We will simply be told how to think, how to act, and where our allegiances lie. Free speech, free thought, freedom itself will be no more. If these methods can be used in our society today and allowed to stand, we most assuredly will sink to the depths of Nazi Germany in a matter of time. History repeats itself because of evil in the heart of man and the master of all evil, Satan himself, has not changed his agenda nor his methods upon the face of the earth.

Enraging because the FBI raid is so unprecedented, so far out of bounds of rationality, so deliberate and pretentious as to make one wonder if justice is dead and those in power will now simply do as they please. It lacks any common sense and defies logic. It infuriates one and causes anger to swell within our hearts as we become fearful of what is occurring within our Nation today.

And these elements, these emotions, this reaction of a governed people in this manner, is what we find in a banana republic. It is what we use the derogatory use of the term to imply. These very things – fear, intimidation, rule by force, intolerance of other viewpoints, and lack of concern for how actions are perceived or interpreted by those who have no control over those actions.

And it because of this that I believe we, those of us who support the US Constitution, fair and balanced rule of law, and common sense and demeanor in our actions and application of that law, should be alarmed to the point that we recognize the danger of the very loss of our democracy. The raid by the FBI on former President Trump’s residence yesterday sets a very disturbing precedence that, if left unanswered, could very well lead the US to become a banana republic.

And I do not make this claim lightly or without thought. We have been on this slippery slope for some time now. Does anyone remember this incident? –

Nancy Pelosi rips up a copy of the State of the Union Adress on National TV

This one act demonstrated such a lack of decorum, a vile hatred of others, a complete breakdown of political savviness, and a boldness to act out despite what rational prudence would dictate. It was at this point that I knew things were changing for the worse in our country. That evil was now on display and not kept hidden behind closed doors. And that evil is now being unleased in ways previously before unimaginable. And evil unleashed in our country with this kind of vile hatred and disregard for actions or consequences, cannot possibly end well.

And why did the FBI raid the Palm Beach home of former President Donald J Trump? What was the great offence that required FBI Agents, flashing lights, and armed personnel? We are told that it originated with an action from the National Archives.

Government employees are required, by law, to keep a record of all official actions and decisions, under the Federal Records Act of 1950. There are a number of reasons for this Act and I believe we can all agree that it is generally a good thing. But let’s be clear here, the National Archives holds a national historic mission. Their job is one of preservation and archival for the purpose of research and understanding. And while there are clear definitions as to what an official government record is (and is not), the National Archives has little to no ability to enforce or police the entire government workforce in order to determine that those official records are being turned over or even created. And I would hazard a guess that many have slipped through the cracks over the years (since 1950). Including those of former Presidents. And not once, that I am aware of, has the FBI ever been called upon to retrieve those documents (and in this case those documents that have not been clearly explained as to knowledge of their existence).

By any stretch of the imagination this was clearly a frivolous case that did not warrant the waste of taxpayer money with the use of such heavy-handed tactics. And that indeed justifies any concerns or fears raised. My prayer is that this is not a foreshadowing of things to come.

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