Author: Paul Orman

  • Can You Be A Christian And … ?

    My last post, unsurprisingly, generated some questions. Which is great because it exposes me to different world views. But they also alerted me to the fact that perhaps my real point was misinterpreted, particularly by the younger generations. So I’d like to address a couple of questions here that were thrown my way in the […]

  • Did Joe Biden Fail On Day One?

    MediaIte reports that Georgia voters are rather miffed at Joe Biden after ensuring he had the votes to carry the state. Their problem with Liberal Joe? Well they feel cheated on the next round of COVID-19 stimulus checks (story here). Seems that some Georgia voters were expecting a full $2,000.00 USD and not the $1,400.00 […]

  • Is America At War?

    Why was Jesus Christ crucified on the cross? And yes, I know, because He is the Son of God and He gave up His life at the will of the Father in order to pay for the sins of the world that you and I might be saved. But what reason was put forth at […]

  • LRPSP Changes For The New Year

    I’ve been impressed to make a few changes to my blog site for the new year. If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog you’ve been used to controlled content, by me. That is going to change somewhat. Hopefully for the better. The first change which is effective right now is I’ve relaxed the […]

  • Do You Feel Threatened?

    Did you see this? A member of the Michigan House of Representatives, Cynthia A. Johnson, made some remarks last week that included a warning to all “Trumpers”, by which one may only assume she means those who supported President Donald J. Trump during the recent US Presidential Election, that many are considering a threat from […]

  • Have You Voted On An ElectroniC Voting Machine?

    Have you ever voted using an electronic machine? Did you vote in the last US Presidential Election using an electronic voting machine? If you have, what assurances do you have that your vote was counted as cast? Whether Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or Green Party, or even if you just voted with a write in, […]

  • Who DID America Vote For?

    The United States of America Elections are over and Americans believe they know who they voted for and that their vote counted. But do they really? I have voted in 10 US Presidential elections. I remember the previous 3 US Presidents prior to my first vote. And while there have certainly been jokes and allegations […]

  • Who Will America Vote For?

    Whether you are an American citizen or not, who America votes to put into power of the highest offices of our land affects the whole world. American politics reach far and wide and world governments of the entire earth watch our elections very carefully. And elections affect our country in a very substantial way as […]

  • Which Side Are You On?

    Yesterday I passed along my thoughts on the two different cultures manifesting themselves in America today. I said that I didn’t have a question, only an observation, but that was not entirely accurate. I do have a question. The point of the observations, naturally, was to cause you to consider which culture you fit into […]

  • A Tale Of Two Cultures

    In 1859 Charles Dickens wrote the historical novel A Tale of Two Cities. A story centered around London England and Paris France before/during the French Revolution. It has been referred to as the best selling novel of all time (and certainly must be in the top 10, assuming it is even taught in schools these […]