United States Presidential Elections Continued (Part 3)

This post is a continuation of my previous two posts.  If you want to read this post in context, go back to this post and read through sequentially.

I left you in my last post with the thought that I find the current allegations by women against the Republican nominee for President of the United States Donald Trump to be too convenient, contrived, and too coincidental to the leaked tape of his (so-called) locker room talk.  They hold little credibility when compared by the same measure to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial hearings.

But the last thought I’ll leave you with is the comparison of the physical and historical evidence.   In President Bill Clinton’s case we really do know that he ‘walked the halls of power with his pants around his knees’.  We know this for a fact because of the stain left upon the blue dress.  This, as you may recall, was confirmed through DNA testing.  One might wonder if any of Donald Trump’s accusers will be able to produce any similar evidence.

I don’t really need to provide this, but I will, in President Bill Clinton’s case there were not any real dissenting witnesses.  In Donald Trump’s case, there are those like Natasha Rickley that have come forward to paint a picture that does not quite line up with the stories put forth by his accusers.

However you  compare the cases, it seems clear that Donald Trump is at least equal of the same verdict as President Bill Clinton and should be acquitted of all charges.  But the media doesn’t seem to want to draw this conclusion.  They would rather charge forward, needlessly trying Donald Trump in the press without just cause.  A case they seem unwilling to bring against candidates they support wholeheartedly.  That is a fair and balanced press for you.

I could spend time a lot of time making a case for Donald Trump to be our next President.  But the counter would just be all of the reasons why others don’t believe he should be.  So instead, please allow me to make a case against Hillary Clinton,  You see, I do not believe that the United States of America can afford Hillary Clinton as President at this time.  And given the nature of our political system, the alternative is Donald Trump.  One of them will be President of the United States of America.  I pray that it will not be Hillary Clinton for the following reasons:

  • Probably at the top of my list is Hillary Clinton is Pro Death.  She is for the killing of unborn babies in every conceivable case.  If you are Pro Life (Christian/Catholic/or just a respecter of life), and you intend to vote for Hillary Clinton, I’d respectfully ask that you not show up at the March for Life.  At least be consistent in your actions.
  • A close second is Hillary Clinton is Anti Religion.  She said it herself as reported here.  Hillary Clinton does not believe that the Clergy should interpret and expound upon God’s word.  She believes that the only thing that should be preached are those things that align with her own world view.
  • Hillary Clinton is Anti Freedom.  Once again, she said it herself.  She has publicly stated that the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.  Forget the Constitution or the separation of powers.  The only thing that matters is Hillary Clinton’s own world view and her ability to force it upon others.  If you value your freedoms, a vote for Hillary Clinton is sure to erode them.
  • Hillary Clinton is Anti Military.  I’ll admit some guilty knowledge here, but it has been pretty well established that Hillary Clinton has not been a supporter of the U.S. Military in the past (you need look no further than Benghazi to substantiate this).  If you desire a strong America and a Military equipped to protect our homeland and our allies and other interests in the world today, a vote for Hillary Clinton will not get you there.
  • Hillary Clinton promotes socialism.  She wants to fix the current healthcare system in America (the Obamacare law) by guiding us towards a single payer system.  Federalization of the healthcare system for all Americans is socialistic.  It is contrary to the values this county was built upon.  If you desire to protect and promote American democracy, a vote for Hillary Clinton will work against you.
  • Hillary Clinton is Anti Economy.  Hillary Clinton’s tax plans, her ideas of larger government, confiscatory taxes on the wealthy (who are the ones carrying our tax burden to begin with) are not what America needs right now.  America’s economy is currently very fragile with almost nonexistent growth and an anemic job market.  A vote for Hillary Clinton could push our economy into a free fall that would take years to recover from.

Personally, I do not believe that America can afford Hillary Clinton as President at this point in our history.  In a few weeks, we will all decide.  I pray that God will place the President in place best equipped to preserve our prosperity and our freedoms.

Here is a first ever on LRPSP.COM – A poll.  Our first ever, non-scientific, completely free, and non-binding election poll.  It costs you nothing except a couple of clicks of the mouse.  So why not go ahead and play along?  This poll is completely untracked and anonymous:


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