Are You Enslaved By THe Democrat Party? (I)

Remember when Joe Biden made this offensively racist comment?

And had the audacity to tell people to look at “their” values while doing it? Well have you ever considered how the Democrat Party really does have you in chains? Because I believe it is important that we do, And if you are an American citizen who is registered with the Democrat Party, I believe it very important that you carefully consider what it is that you actually support.

SLAVERY – If you are a member of the Democrat Party, you belong to the party of slavery. Which is why it is so ironic that Joe Biden would even make such a stupid comment as the one referenced above. Hey Joe! LEARN YOUR HISTORY (if your mind isn’t overcome with dementia that is). It was the Democrat Party that kept slaves in the South, and were willing to go to war in order to keep them. It was the Republican Party in the North, led by President Abraham Lincoln, that issued the Emancipation Proclamation. LEARN YOUR HISTORY. President Abraham Lincoln is not the hero of the Democrat Party, he is the hero of the Republican Party. And now, the modern day Democrat Party is so incensed by that, they are going to great lengths to remove President Abraham Lincoln from history. They are tearing down statues raised in his honor, they are removing his name from schools, one wonders how much time we have before the Lincoln Memorial is torn down or Mount Rushmore defaced.

But … but … but … that was a long time ago. That is not how things are today. TODAY’S Democrat Party is the champion of the downtrodden and enslaved. It is the Republican Party that is evil and wants to “put y’all back in chains” (according to Joe Biden).

It astounds me that people believe that lie. In order for you to believe that myth you would have to consider that sometime after the end of the American Civil War, perhaps after WW-II but prior to the 1960’s, everyone that was a proponent of the Republican Party Platform (that ALL people are created EQUAL) thought to themselves, “Hey, we should switch parties and go join the Democrat Party”. And pretty much about the same time, everyone that supported the Democrat Party Platform (“put y’all back in chains” – I’ll explain in a minute) thought to themselves, “Hey, we’ve seen the error of our ways, lets go join the Republican Party!”. And then, miraculously, they left their values behind with the other party. And POOF!!!! The Democrat Party suddenly became the Party of freeing slaves, and SHAZAM!!!! The Republican Party became the Party of ensuring people were slaves.

The truth is, the Democrat Party is still pretty much the same as it was during the American Civil War, and the Republican Party is still pretty much the same as it was during the same period of time. And I can just hear the outcries now, “Why you can’t know that! That is a gross generalization! That is NOT TRUE! How dare you?” Well I am so glad you asked (finally). Here is how I know that to be true (beyond the fact that it is readily apparent if you look at history). Championing people’s freedoms or enslavement is a WORLD VIEW. It is influenced by values. And values are taught. Most people become part of a Political Party simply because it was the Party of their parents. They blindly and naively follow in footsteps before they have even thought about it or considered the best choice for themselves.

And I know, most members of the Democrat Party are going to scream that they are against slavery. But here’s the problem, none of you ever changed the values of the Party. It is still the Party of slavery. The values and practices of the Democrat Party are keeping people in chains still today.

Just look at our inner city welfare housing. Generation after generation trapped in sub-standard living, barely existing above the poverty line, in high crime areas, that are poorly maintained and subject to vandalism and defacement. That was invented by the Democrat Party, and is perpetuated still today. Welcome to the chain gang. Because that is what the Democrat Party delivers. People trapped in chains that they can never quite break free of. And when they do, they are held up as shining examples of success and examples of how the Democrat Party is moving people ahead. But I’d challenge you to look at the ratio of those who have broken free of our inner city welfare projects compared to those that are left behind. It would seem to me that the inequity is just a little too large to justify continuing that failed experiment.

And people will then ask what the Republican Party solution is? After all, we know that if you give a person a fish they’ll eat for a day, but if you teach a person to fish they’ll eat for a lifetime. The Republican/Conservative solution will tell you to give the person the opportunity to fish. Give them the same access to the fishing tackle, the boats, the oceans and rivers and lakes, and let them fish. And if they want fishing lessons, well ensure they have access to that as well (although the Conservative point of view would hold that the free market would avail itself to all opportunities are fill the gaps). But the Democrat Party is the Party of fear and will tell you that you have to give a person the fish in the first place so that they don’t starve while they are learning to fish. I have a question … “How is that working out for you?” Republicans/Conservatives believe that people can be motivated. And hunger is a pretty strong motivation. A person becomes hungry enough, and they’ll learn to fish very, very quickly.

Are you a member of the American Democrat Party? Look at your Party’s Platform. You belong to, and support with your numbers, the Party of slavery. Is that what you really want to support?

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